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  • A FHA mortgage is run by the Federal Housing Administration, FHA home loans were created to make it easier for homeowners to qualify for a loan - whether to buy a home or refinance your mortgage.

    Whom is an FHA Loan Best For?

    FHA home loans can benefit almost all homebuyers and refinancers - first-time homebuyers, military families, lower-income families and homeowners who don't want to tie up many cash in their homes. FHA mortgages are great for people who desire a secure government-insured home loan, while also needing to finance more that 80% of their home value.

    What Are The Benefits of a FHA Loan?

    Qualifying for a FHA loan is less difficult than other loan options. With a FHA mortgage, you can buy a home with a down payment as small as 3.5% and lower credit scores. There are also no income limits for a FHA loan, which you might find with other programs. With an FHA loan, you are able to use gifts (such as borrowed money or a monetary gift from a family member) towards down payments and closing costs.

    There are no prepayment penalties with a FHA mortgage, allowing you to refinance or pay off your home early without having to worry about paying an extra fee.

    FHA Streamline Refinance Program -

    In June 2012, the Federal Housing Association announced its Streamline Refinance program. This program dramatically reduces mortgage insurance costs and does not require an appraisal of your home - even if you're underwater on your mortgage.

    To qualify, borrowers must be:

    • holders of FHA mortgages since May 2009.
    • Perfect on their mortgage payments for the most recent twelve months.
    • Save at least 5% on their monthly mortgage payment (including the mortgage insurance) due to the refinance.

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